Sacrificial People in Sacrificial Zones

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I fear for my child(ren)

for my grandchildren

they want to steal my voice & put it in a pipeline

send it to the refinery

so it can come out useful on the other end

may it be it a pretty poem or a tale

something palatable on their plate

something with a price tag they can suck dry

or purchase for 19.99 on their tv’s late at night while the children are sleeping

sadism never tasted so good, felt so good, f*cked so good

sacrifice zones demand that there are sacrificial people

have we not realized we are all

sacrificial people now

that we are all on the receiving end of the f*cking

and the earth asks, will you still respect me in the morning?

moments before she realizes that we are the ones that need to vacate the premises

she never gave us consent

it is her home afterall & we are ungracious squatters now

we are all drunken frat boys caught with our hands everywhere they don’t belong

there will be no daddy’s to bail us out of this mess

no sum that can purchase forgiveness

no skin coloured privilege that will make a jury look the other way

the “ism’s” [colonial-ism, imperial-ism, capital-ism, race-ism] have f*Cked us twice now

those of us whose bodies are always sacrificed first

there was no consent for body or land, or land or body, or body or land

silly patriarchal colonizer, tricks are for kids

don’t tell me you didn’t realize body is synonymous with land

or is there a 5 dollar word for that thought or just a 5 dollar word to dismiss it

we who stand with our mouths open faced towards the sky

voices sucked out

we are getting louder in unison now

you see,  we fear for our child(ren)

and wonder what has made you so deaf & so blind

that you do not fear for your own

for how much longer will you remain so pitiful, little brother

you see, we fear for your child(ren) too

even though you have been so willing

to make sacrifices out of ours

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