The Usurper of Sacred Space

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I love her

really I do

All this bullshit

that I’ve waded through

To hold her hand

                 like I mean it

To lay in her arms

                         and feel safe

But her tongue

splits sky like lightening


those who dare to brave open space

Those who let

their wounds see the light

She tells me,

My girl forgiveness is everything

                                 we never turn our backs. I never will. How can I ?

The foundation shakes beneath us.

My fingers lose the grip on her hands.

I really love her…. I do

It’s not his fault he is like that you know He just isn’t right.

I bite my tongue until it draws blood.

Metal in my mouth.

Love thy abuser.

Protect thy childhood predator.

Welcome those whom have harmed you.

Somehow I missed these proverbs

Learning the verse from book that swallowed the traditions

the traditions







or atleast


welcomed banishment

I cringe. Thinkin’ about all these fuckin’ unchecked coyotes

scurrying around our communities

Ravenous. Insatiable. Out for skin and dreams.

We tell the children who to stay away from

Never go to their house. Ever.

tell the women who to be weary of

Don’t pass out when he is around. Don’t be alone with them.

but ultimately we do nothing

Words mean nothing when they drum at our events

when others are forced to shake hands and be nice

when they say prayers for the people

sit around at our parties

invade our community gatherings

The Usurper of Sacred Space

My girl, forgiveness is everything

Doesn’t she know that it’s words like these

that have kept the predators so close to home

She is old. So set in her ways.

We reason with ourselves

Commit internal vows to never perpetuate

but there is new, young, growing ones

who are learning quick that forgiveness

doesn’t .mean. change.

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