The Unfavourable Indian

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Swallowed up on the soil of my ancestors

There is a thirst

For red land

That no red man

Can quench

Forgotten on the soil of my ancestors

Each day

A struggle for recognition

For redefinition as equal

As valuable

As human


Them Indians are causing a ruckus again

God damn Indians

Living off the taxes of hard working citizens


As if my bachelors degree

And years serving community

Counts for nothing

A struggle for recognition

A fight to refuse to be forgotten

A battle to protect what little we have left

Gets labeled

Unfavourable Indian

                                    Noisy squaw

Wrecking everything that is good for the whole country

There they go again,

                                 Those fuckin’ Indians

We are only favourable

When we are opening for your events

Offering up the cultural pieces we have had to fight to keep alive

Through cultural genocide

Look at those pretty colours

                               How they dance

                                                       How they sing

Those aboriginals are really something huh?

But be stoic

Stay stoic

Stay silent

Because no one likes a noisy Indian

Standing up for what they believe in

I sat across from an Indian from India

We are the real Indians y’know?

Yes, you are

I am Dane Zaa and Nehiyaw

Words for my people in our language

Most of those living in our territory have never heard

Will never learn

To busy identifying us as Indians and if we’re lucky they know the name of a reserve

Reserves aren’t a nation

Territory isn’t a plot of land

Outlined and defined by the Federal government

               Why don’t all those Indians leave reserves and move into towns?

                                                                       Isn’t it about time they live like everyone else?

You must know,

It would be easier for us to forget

To be swallowed up and assimilate

It is hard to remember

To see the losses, to hear the weeping, to move to protect

It is harder to remember

And to honour who we are

Where silence is not favourable

Because silence equals death

My voice,

Our voice

Is life


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