For My Future Grandchildren

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I want my future grandchildren,

and those that come after,

to say that I was fierce with heart.

I want them to know

that every action that I took

was mindful of their future existence,

that I was not merely a woman of resistance,

but a woman of vision.

To say that I didn’t just use my eyes to see

what was wrong in the world,

but used my hands and my heart to change it.

I want them to know

that grandma broke cy-cles

that I broke sweat to manifest dreams

that I broke bread with my enemies

that I broke open every morning

unafraid of the brilliance that I held inside.

I want them to say,

that I was never pushed down by criticism

and my ego was never elevated by praise

that I lived with the acknowledgement

that one day…

they would take their first breath, first steps

and I worked to protect

what was rightfully there’s.

Clean water.

Good Air.

Forest Floors.

River beds.

I did not only live for myself

but I lived for love.

I lived for light.

I lived among giants

but my moral compass

guided me right.


End note: I wrote this poem while at the Kairos Intergenerational Elements of Justice Conference, on Squamish unceded territory while realising why I was there. I want my son to understand why I get involved, why it’s important for him to carry that fire in his heart and passion in his belly. We don’t do it for us… we do it for them.


  1. It’s very touching. Sometimes, adult should give their children (and youngsters) their reasons why they do and involve inside some activities. Yes, it must be for them.

  2. Grandchildren are special from the time they’re born til they start growing up. I have a 10 year old grandson who I love with my whole heart. He’s very smart and I try to encourage him to stay in school and get educated. All year long he’s been telling me that he needs another laptop because the one he had was destroyed and I told him I will do my best. But to my surprise he told me he wanted the Apple laptop. I have been trying to get it but I got sick and was admitted into the hospital with Pneumonia and I’m still feeling bad. And to add insult to injury I’m disable from a fall I had in 2002 at my old college where I fell off the elevator, this left me with difficulty in walking. But I’m grateful to be alive and if it wasn’t for the bills I could of got the laptop for my grandson K J. I’m just going to hold him this Christmas and explain my situation to him. I only hope he will understand. Grandchildren are special whether their in the future or here on earth with us now. We will always try and do our best for them. Patricia

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