Poetry is Power

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I want to share three spoken word video poems here. The words collected and spoken are stronger than what I could write… Although I did write one of them, and speak in it. Haha.. Anyways here they are.

1. Addresses the appropriation of cultural items and traditional clothing. My favourite line is, “I’m not your fucking fashion statement.”

2. Past project that addresses the missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. Indigenous women and girls experience violence at alarming rates, and on top of it a lack of response from the public, the police, the government.

3. Another AMAZING indigenous video project that again, addresses violence against indigenous women.


  1. Thank you this is inspirational. I enjoyed the spoken word poetry that speaks the truth of many indigenous peoples around the world.

  2. I watched it again today after your reply. It got me thinking that violence against women was something I saw all the time back home. My mother, my sister, my aunties. I have hated my father and his brother and his family because of this. Although this was when I was young and my mother is back with her people and we don’t suffer the abuse we did that many years ago. Shades and shadows of it still lurk in our lives. It won’t be completely gone! My father doesn’t wield that kind of power over us any more. But denial and being afraid to talk about it scares the hell out of me at times. My mother and father don’t live together any more. I don’t have any kind of relationship with my father. But when I see these videos you posted and forms of violence and cultural violence brings back a lot. But again in spoken word poetry helps us challenge and be challenged again. thank you.

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